Contracting conditions

These conditions will help us to specify the details of your project and to carry it out satisfactorily.
The contracting of the services implies the knowledge and acceptance of these conditions.

Payment methods

It is essential to pay the advance or delivery on account for the start of the project by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or account entry.

The fees for split payments or contracted services shall be paid on time in pre-payment in the agreed time limits by direct debit.

Credit card

Pay comfortably with your credit card through our online store. You can pay with full security guarantee with the following cards: Visa, MasterCard, 4B, Euro 6000 and American Express.

If your project has a custom budget or is funded, we will provide you with the link to pay through our virtual POS.

Direct debit

We will give an order to our entity with your bank details to issue the directed receipt within 24/48 hours. When the payment is complete we will start working on your project or you will receive the download link.

Prices and taxes

Prices shown on offer do not include taxes. They will be calculated automatically on the checkout page.


21% VAT will be added according to current legislation if you are in Spain.

Companies, freelancers or associations

21% VAT will be added and 7% IRPF will be subtracted according to current legislation if you are in Spain.

Delivery times

Graficadora Estudio Creativo is committed to the creation, development and / or management of the project within the indicated deadlines, provided that it has all the data and information necessary for the realization of the project, provided by the client.

Delivery times will be detailed in the budget within a work plan. In case of failure to meet the agreed delivery date, the customer may claim a discount of 10 on the agreed price.

Content needed for the project

The client is committed to delivering at all times and in a timely and form the contents, data, information and documentation necessary to carry out the actions, designs and procedures requested from Graficadora Estudio Creativo and for the proper development of the project. Otherwise, Graficadora Estudio Creativo may defer the agreed partial deliveries, as well as the agreed end date of the delivery of the project.

It is the customer’s responsibility to have all the rights to use the material provided for the development of the project.

Translations of the texts, photographs and/or any service derived from the project and apart from this contract will be provided by the client or, will be budgeted separately.

Revision limit

The customer is entitled to two corrections to the design proposal. From then on, 10% of the original price will be charged for each correction.

The customer acquires responsibility for reviewing the design, texts, data, communications… before starting any process for publication, printing, reproduction use and/or dissemination, and releases Graficadora Estudio Creativo,its collaborators and its suppliers for any responsibility for any errors that may occur and provided that you had not previously communicated them and Graficadora Estudio Creativo would not have taken them into account by mistake.


Substantial changes

This agreement does not include any additional work that may result from changes in direction in its development by the customer; if that’s the case, Graficadora Estudio Creativo will have to inform the client and could review the budget by making a new one to which you will add the increases in the amount that would have occurred or could occur, but maintaining the same valuation criteria used in the first budget.

Cancellation of the project

Due to the nature of the projects, it is not possible to return them. Termination of the contract prior to the termination of the contract by the customer will imply the full payment of the economic amount agreed until the end.

If Graficadora Estudio Creativo no longer provides its services for any reason, it will receive payment for the services provided up to that date and the customer will be entitled to receive a 10% discount.

Project delivery

The delivery of material will be done according to the budget in a timely manner.

Use and application

The works and actions carried out under this contract will be solely and exclusively directed to the geographical area of Spain (unless another area is specified in the contract).

The works and actions carried out under this contract will be created solely and exclusively for the media mentioned in the description of the services provided.

The customer must refrain from using for purposes other than those agreed any concept, idea, information or material developed by Graficadora Estudio Creativo.

The customer may not change, alter, correct or adapt the design without prior consultation with and with the consent of Graficadora Estudio Creativo.

Graficadora Estudio Creativo has the right to have its design reproduced satisfactorily.

Copyright and property rights

The client will acquire the rights of exploitation of the work, these are: reproduction, distribution and public communication of the final design. The transfer to the customer of the exploitation rights in the design does not grant him ownership of them.

The concepts, ideas, sketches, designs or information presented by Graficadora Estudio Creativo and not accepted by the the client,imply the waiver of any rights that may be held over them, being available to the author, so that it grants her the use that he freely wishes or deems most convenient.

If not otherwise agreed, the sketches and originals of the design (including digital files) are the property of Graficadora Estudio Creativo, so that the client will not be able to use or modify them and will be returned to him once used for what they were created.

Graficadora Estudio Creativo has the right to sign the projects with your brand and / or web link.

Exhibition, advertising or professional promotion

Graficadora Estudio Creativo may use the work carried out as an exhibition, advertising or professional promotion.

Graficadora Estudio Creativo has the right to stay free of charge a minimum number of copies of the elaborate design (in the event that the media is physical) and to be able to use them as an exhibition, advertising or professional promotion, without having to communicate it to the client.

Confidentiality and professional secrecy

All information provided will be treated strictly confidentially, both during the life of the project and subsequently.

Graficadora Estudio Creativo undertakes not to disseminate, transmit or disclose to third parties any information of the company to which it has access as a result of the performance of the activity, or to use such information in its own interest.

Both parties undertake to provide the information relating to the project solely and exclusively to the persons integrated therein.

Legal liability

The client exempts Graficadora Estudio Creativo from any legal responsibility that may produce the actions, campaigns or projects developed.

Any breach of the above-mentioned clauses may be grounds for termination of contract and/or exercise of the relevant legal, civil and/or criminal actions. The signatories submit, for the resolution of any dispute that may arise from this contract, to the jurisdiction of the courts or tribunals of Oviedo, expressly waiving their own jurisdiction if they have it.

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