Ecommerce Store Development

Start generating revenue from your website.

Online stores that are safe and easy to manage. Sell your products online. 100% customized and adapted to the needs of your business.

Online stores customized to your needs

Start monetizing your website and manage everything from the same place. We are specialists in the design of online shops. We offer high quality at very competitive prices. A good choice to start your online store.

Fully custom design

Our online stores are developed with custom design and functionalities, depending on the type of product and the needs of your business.

We adjust the design to the corporate identity of your business or to the image of your product.

Really easy to manage online stores

Content management system

Change prices, create discount coupons or create a blog post… Thanks to the content manager you can add, modify and delete products effortlessly.

It integrates perfectly within WordPress so you can manage your online store, website and blog from the same place.

Start generating revenue from your website

With total security

In your online store you can accept payments with total security through the main banking entities with the virtual POS, or withpayment gateways such as PayPal or Stripe.

You can also choose offline methods such as bank transfer or cash on delivery.

SSL Certificates

Your customer data will travel in a totally secure and encrypted way thanks to the SSL certificate that we include in the configuration of our online stores. That https:// search engines like Google like it so much.

Make sales from your visits

Keep a direct channel open with your customers for little money per year. Custom online stores and booking engines with secure payment gateways to be able to sell your services or your physical or digital products anytime, anywhere.

Remove geographic barriers and open your showcase 24/7

Integration with the website

If you already have a website, we take care of integrating your online store so that it becomes one more part of your website always focusing on the user experience.

Technical support

Thanks to our web maintenanceplans, you can count on our help for whatever you need. We solve your doubts and issues.

Self-managing online stores

· Advantages of WooCommerce

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce system in the world, one in five online stores uses it.

It’s an open source WordPress plugin, this translates into its tremendous flexibility. Many developers around the world contribute daily with continuous updates and improvements to this powerful plugin.

Thanks to all these contributions, we have the possibility to include new functionalities in our online store through add-ons or extensions.

I give you some example: booking calendars, ebooking, sale of digital products, request for quotations, shipping calculators, newsletter subscriptions at checkout…

In short, extensions that will help you make it a powerful tool for your business.

Integrated sales statistics

WooCommerce includes a powerful and practical tool that allows us to visualize the statistics of our store and is also filterable by date, which will allow us to compare various periods and total data as practical as:

  • Total revenue, returns, taxes, discounts on coupons…
  • Orders,as well as average number of products per order and average amount per order in our online store
  • Best-selling products.
  • Most popular categories.
  • Coupons used by users and total amount.
  • Taxes set up in our online store.
  • Downloads made by users and IP.

Automatic notifications

Each time they place an order in your online store you will receive a notification in your new order email and customers will receive a copy of purchase confirmation in their email.

When you confirm its receipt and process the order, with a simple click customers will receive the notification that you are working on it.

When you complete the order, customers will receive a notification that the order has already been shipped.

You can send order notes to the customer by email without leaving your store. And you will be able to register private notes and only available to the managers of the online store about the incident produced.

Integration of discount coupons

You can allow the use of discount coupons in your online store. There are three types of discount already integrated:

  • Fixed discount on the cart.
  • Percentage discount on the cart.
  • Discount on a product.

We may set the minimum or maximum expense in our online store, offer free shipping, restrict their use so that they are not cumulative, exclude offer items, assign it to specific products or categories or even limit their use by indicating expiration date.

Although coupons don’t stay there, you can extend features using extensions. If you need to use other types of coupons in your online store, please contact us.

Shipping Calculator

All our online stores include a shipping calculator available to your customers.

What should be taken into account to set up shipments in our online store?

The location of the destination:

  • We can ship to a specific country, for example shipments to all of Spain.
  • Specific provinces. In some cases, courier services offer cheaper prices if the destination is located in the same province or adjoining.
  • By specific zip codes. As in the previous case, local shipments can sometimes be cheaper.

The shipping price:

  • We can offer a flat fee for our shipments, for example 4.99 euros for purchases with an amount of more than 50 euros and free for amounts greater than 100 euros. It’s the simplest setup and the one that comes with your online store.
  • We can offer different prices depending on the location of the destination.
  • Online stores that offer bulky or heavy products usually offer their shipping rates according to dimensions and weight. They are the most complex to configure since you have to include this detailed information in each product for the calculator to work automatically.

Everything you need to start selling

Order management.

  • Stock management.
  • Order status.
  • Detailed payment information made.
  • It offers the possibility to edit orders placed.
  • Allows you to add orders manually and send the payment gateway address to the customer.
  • Issuance of refunds.
  • Filter of orders by dates or by customer.
  • Customer notes and private notes available on each order.

Catalogue management

  • Product management.
  • Category management.
  • Attribute management.
  • Tax management.
  • Management of shipping methods.
  • Product Finder.
  • Related products.
  • Product filter by Price, Name, Popularity and What’s New.
  • Scheduling of discounted products, with start and end date.

Customer management

  • Customer registration.
  • Reminder of forgotten passwords.
  • User data section.
  • Purchase history.
  • Check the status of orders.
  • Personal data management.

Need more information?

Do you want to set up your online store and do not know where to start? Need to renew the image of your business?

Free advice.

What are the parts of an online store?

Home or landing page

It’s the main storefront. It usually shows news or the most popular products from our online store.


This is the archiving page for the products. In this section we will find all the products that make up our online store.


Order is essential. They work to divide and organize products. Categories and subcategories should be easily identifiable by the user, as they help you filter products and find what you are looking for.

Simple products

The products are composed of the following elements:

  • Product name. It must be unique and contain the keyword.
  • One or more product images. It is important that they are quality photos and properly optimized images.
  • A short or brief description that serves to capture the customer’s attention.
  • A longer or more detailed description of the product.
  • Price.
  • Quantity selector and add to cart button.

Advanced products

Other elements that provide more information and enrich content can be included, such as:

  • Product ratings.
  • A comments section.
  • Related products.
  • Videos.
  • Social media feed’s.

Custom tabs can be created for the products, depending on the nature of the product. Here are some examples:

  • Product features.
  • How to use.
  • Ingredients.
  • Nutritional information.
  • Product measurements.
  • Assembly of parts.
  • Product data sheet.

What types of products can be configured?

Simple products

It is a product without variations and with a single price. You may have a discount, temporary or not.

Virtual products

They are a simple type of product that do not require physical product or shipping, they are products services online.

Downloadable product

It is used to sell digital products. The user will receive a download link when purchasing the product. We may limit the number of downloads or the expiration of the link.

Variable products

They are one of the most complex to configure. They have fully customizable features like color, size, flavor. They can all have the same price or vary.

External or affiliate products

It allows us to sell products managed by another website in exchange for a sales commission.

Grouped products

They are products that are composed of several simple products and must be purchased together.

Product package

Combine multiple items to create an offer or promotion and sell them together.

Thanks to bundled products or packages you will be able to generate more revenue by offering customers complementary products with benefits and discounts.

Custom products

Renting items, memberships… We configure your products in a personalized way and with the options you need.


Here the user will find all the products that he has been selecting in our store, as well as the subtotal of the order.

If your online store has multiple shipping methods, the shipping calculatorwill appear. Depending on the postal code entered by the customer you will be able to see the different shipping methods available for your location.

Finish purchase

In this section we will have a contact form where the customer’s billing and shipping details are requested.

The different payment options that we have made available to our customers will appear to complete their purchase.

User zone

We can make it easier for our users to register online so that they can see a list of their orders placed. You can also enable non-account purchase, that is, as a guest.

From here, registered users will be able to view and edit their billing and shipping details, their password, view orders placed in our store and check their status.

Conditions of purchase

It is a necessary and essential section for the development of a good business. It sets out the sales policies of the online store and collects the legal requirements that every online store must comply with.

It always gives security to check that stores have well-established and hand-made terms and conditions for any queries. In addition, for some payment gateways they will demand it from the entity that processes it.

The sections that normally make up this section are as follows.

What should I include in the conditions of purchase?


Here we will include a mention of the current legislation and who owns and owns the online store. It is important to include the full business tax data and contact details in case of any doubts.

Payment methods

The payment methods available on the website are detailed.

Order management

The order management process is clarified in an indicative way here.

Shipments and deliveries

We will detail the service areas and applicable rates.

Presentation and expiration

Optionally, we can detail to our customers how they will receive their products. Indicate details about packaging, protection, or expiration on perishable products may offer safety to our customers.

Returns policy

Here we will detail what can be returned, the reasons for return accepted in the online store, the way they are processed or the amount of the refund.

Legal notice, privacy policy and cookie policy

Your online store will be fully adapted to current legislation on legal matters. We do not take care of the drafting of legal texts (for this there are specialized professionals), but we take care of their correct and complete implementation.

Need more sections in your online store?

A contact form, social media integration, a blog, a portfolio of work done… We design the sections or functionalities that your online store needs.

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