Web maintenance

Don't worry, we take care of the maintenance of your website.

We know how to give your website the care it deserves. We offer you customized maintenance plans, adapted to the needs of your project.

Customized maintenance plans

With our custom plans, you can focus on updating your Page and publishing content, while keeping your website and your hosting operational and at full capacity so that nothing fails.


Adapted to your needs

Every project is a world and we don’t have rates for everything, we prefer to tailor our plans to your business rather than your business to our plans. But we can offer you some guidelines.

No fine print and no surprises

Tell us your needs and we will offer you a personalized quote for your monthly maintenance. A closed price for the proper functioning of your online business.

And no commitments to stay! You can unsubscribe at any time and it won’t come at any additional cost.

Wherever you are.

Our creative studio is located in Oviedo (Asturias),but we work remotely and offer web maintenance throughout Spain.




WooCommerce web maintenance

Online Stores ? Virtual catalogs
  • Actualizaciones WordPress updates, plugins and themes
  • Weekly backup with Duplicator Pro Premium
  • Set up and managing professional email accounts
  • Technical support
  • Certificatesinstallation
  • Editing content
  • Advice and marketing proposals

Features of our plans

Forget the technical part. We guarantee the correct functioning of your portal taking care of aspects such as security or correction of technical errors. These are the services that include our web maintenance plans.

Constant monitoring

Optimization and monitoring of the server to make your website available at full capacity. If any problem arises we will solve it in the shortest possible time.

Security first and foremost

Today’s pages are constantly attacked, we take care of checking for possible vulnerabilities, and in case of hacking, intrusion, malware or viruses, we take care of their disinfection. Forget about threats.

Software updates

We take care of keeping WordPress, the theme and plugins that your website uses in its latest version, and checking that nothing fails or is unconfigured.


We improve server and website performance, so your website loads quickly and improves search engine positioning.

Installing certificates

We install your SSL certificate. Make your sensitive data travel in an encrypted way with the https://.

Professional email

Create and set up email accounts with your domain.


Setting up periodic backups. Don’t lose anything. We take care of resuming the operation of the page if there has been a service interruption.

Support and advice

We solve your doubts and the technical incidents of your website. Unlimited queries to know from an expert what your website needs. We are at your disposal for any problems that arise.

What is the price of web maintenance?

The price of web maintenance varies depending on the needs of each business, influences from the degree of involvement of the company to the size of the website. Here’s what we rely on to create our custom maintenance plans.


Website type and dimensions

The price depends on the technology with which the website is developed.

It is not the same WordPress as the maintenance that have pages developed and programmed in PHP to measure.

Nor is an online store with 50 products as with 500.

Premium theme and plugin licenses

If your website has premium themes or plugins you will need to renew the licenses annually. In some cases they are included within the maintenance price.

Creating or editing content

Without news, websites lose relevance and interest to users. The creation of quality content is essential for the success of any website, as well as being a good digital marketing strategy.

  • Add blog posts.
  • Add projects to the portfolio.
  • Add products to the online store or virtual catalog.
  • Add categories or tags.
  • Optimize and publish multimedia content such as images or videos.
  • Content changes such as images or texts.
  • Change of prices in online stores.
  • Stock management.

For customers who want to completely care about their website we also offer the creation and editing of content. In this case it will depend on the volume and frequency of update.

Structural changes

We have simplified this service by offering time packs that we will dedicate to the renewal of content and graphic improvements of your website.

  • Add sections or pages.
  • Aesthetic changes in design.
  • Technical and structural improvements.
  • Add contact forms.
  • Add functionalities using plugins or addons.
  • Add or edit payment methods.
  • Add or edit common items such as buttons, menus, sidebars, or footer.
  • Enable multilingual websites.

Other web maintenance services

We also carry out specific works and reforms. Some customers do not want to pay a monthly or annual fee for their web maintenance but need timely help with a specific topic, these are the most common:


Website repair

If your website has stopped working we also take care of repairing broken sites and restoring backups.

Website acceleration

If your website takes a long time to load or it goes slow we can take care of optimizing it and speeding up its weight and loading time.

Malware removal

Cleaning and disinfection of websites that have been attacked.

Content update

We take care of editing or optimizing content such as texts, images or prices and creating content, such as new sections or functionalities.

Updating and renewing websites

We take care of redesigning your website. Give it a new air or update content, such as address or phone changes.

WordPress support

We take care of fixing error 500 on your website, problems with updates, white screen of death 🙄, disinfection of hacks, recovery of broken sites or customization of plugins.

We offer WordPress support from simple fixes to complex integrations.

Personalized training

We offer personalized training, we teach you how to handle WordPress or WooCommerce.

We carry out training sessions, tutorials and video tutorials tailored so that you can work smoothly when you want to modify your website or update your content, products or news.

Need more information?

Do you want to set up your online store and do not know where to start? Need to renew the image of your business?

Free advice.

Why is web maintenance important?

Having a website isn’t enough to achieve your goals, it’s also important to keep it up-to-date.

Upgrading or dying

Imagine s walking down the most commercial street in your city and among the thousands of shops available you will find the one that offers the product you were looking for.

You come in and it’s all piled up. You realize it’s impossible to find what you’re looking for, the shelves are full of dust and worst of all, no way no one’s going to answer you. What would you think?

Surely your trust and your desire to buy in that establishment will be gone. The same goes for websites.

Imagine a visitor entering your website and finding it abandoned or outdated. How many blogs will we have found with a single post:‘We release blog.’? If you have your business just as up-to-date, turn off and let’s go.

Web maintenance is almost as important as site design or programming. Due to the changing nature of the Internet itself, a professional web maintenance service is indispensable to have your website always ready, up to date on the latest trends and available to your customers.

The case of Juan Palomo

We meet very often with the case of Juan Palomo. With the number of platforms available for website creation, it’s relatively easy to create your own website or online store.

Many businesses start their digital journey without technical knowledge but when a crisis arrives they can lose all the work done or break the site inadvertently. Or they’re just not getting the results they expected.

It’s important to have professionals who can help you at times like that that are within your reach and respond quickly. Offer you solutions.


Why do I need web maintenance?

Even if the contents of your website do not vary, the content manager (software) and web host (hardware) that are used to make it operational do. They are constantly updated and improved to bring new features.

As they are updated, vulnerabilities that can lead to security breaches on your website are exposed. That’s why it’s necessary to keep our website up to date.

Do I need to update WordPress?

Yes. We tell you why.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that has many advantages, but also has some drawbacks. Being open source, you can be vulnerable and susceptible to being hacked.

Many pages developed in WordPress are abandoned, have malfunctions, outdated plugins and sometimes even malware, seriously endangering stored data and visitors to our website.

In order to had no security breaches, you need to keep it updated. Web maintenance can be tedious and overwhelming if you don’t know the platform. That’s why the best solution is to leave these tasks to a professional and focus on what really matters, your business.

What are the advantages of maintaining web pages?

You will end up saving time and money because you can dedicate yourself to what you are best given, your business.

You will also have professional help in a totally personalized way, and in Graficadora studio it will reassure us to know that your website is always careful, up to date and up to date.

What is web maintenance?

Web maintenance covers many fields, from technical optimization to visuals. It is the cluster of many actions that are often united.

Our simplest plans focus on the technical side but we have tailor-made plans for content update and online marketing strategies.

Is hosting or hosting included in the price?

Normally not, because some of our customers prefer to maintain their own hosting provider.

If you prefer to take care of this too, we can take care of the hiring and management of your hosting and domains. We have several providers nationwide to offer you the most suitable hosting for your website.

They are contracted and renewed on an annual basis. If you want us to include these services within your maintenance, the maintenance contract with hosting and/or domains included has annual stay.


What makes the difference?


We are wordPress web maintenance experts. Ten years give for a lot, tell us your problem, and we’ll solve it quickly. I’m sure we’ve already been there, and if not, we have the skill and knowledge to solve your problem diligently.

Custom support.

Working with large companies will be able to lower costs, but having a small group of professionals will make you have a totally personalized attention.

We want to help you. You’re not just a number anymore, and you’re not going to get a call center. We study the cases in a personalized way and you will always deal with the same professional.


What happens after I hire my plan?

We will contact you to provide us with access to your website and web host. As soon as we have access we will start monitoring your website.

What do you need to get started?

  • Access your WordPress website as an administrator.
  • Access to the control panel of your hosting.


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