We are aware that each job is unique and each client has their own needs, but here is an indicative outline of our work process.

Analysis Phase

In this first phase we inform and advise you on the possibilities that you have at your fingertips, based on the needs and objectives that you raise.

We solve all the doubts that may arise, and we will detail the conditions and deadlines that the project must meet. We’ll take care of guiding you, suggesting ideas, and putting your feet on the ground if necessary.

Below, we analyze in detail the tasks and hours that we consider necessary for each project and set a fixed and detailed price about all the steps and concepts to be performed to develop it.

We will take into account the contents that you will provide us, the functionalities required by the project, the structure of the project (website, social networks, layouts…) and the languages to which it will be translated – it will depend on the nature of it – as well as the deadlines you indicate.

Normally within 24/48 hours, you will receive a budget with a fifteen days expiration, detailing the conditions indicated and the maximum deadlines for the realization of the project.

If you want to make any modifications do not hesitate to tell us, this document is totally moldable to your needs.

Please note that acceptance of the budget implies knowledge and acceptance of the conditions of contract.


Research Phase

Here you show up. As a pre-design step, you must give us the contents related to the project in order to organize and structure it.

At this stage, we collect all the information necessary to carry out your project, analyze the information, files and images that you provide us and other elements, such as the work of your competition, or the target audience to which the project is intended, to be able to realize a creativity that suits your needs and that is striking for your audience.

To achieve the objectives, good communication between us is essential, so we will work at a fixed shot and your budget will not suffer fluctuations, nor will the time spent in development.

Design and Development Phase

At this stage, we already have all the necessary content to develop your project, for this we will follow the structure of sections or pages that we will have concreted in the analysis phase.

We hit the coconut. Once the data is collected, researched and known what your needs are, it is analyzed to better understand your audience, and find the best way to give a solution to your project.

We’ll get down to business. Once the information has been analyzed, the graphic proposal adjusted to the initial briefing will be delivered for review.


Bug fixes and reviews

In this phase, you will be able to make the corrections that you think are appropriate. And most importantly, be satisfied with the design.

It is at this time that you must review your project, that everything works correctly and that there are no spelling or grammatical errors. When you are fully compliant with the design made and show your compliance, we will move on to the next phase.

Important. Remember that once we move on to the next phase, if you want to make modifications to the content, they will be budgeted in part and in advance.

Translation Phase

Once you are satisfied with the result, we will proceed to make the adaptations to the languages that have been established in the budget.

Testing and debugging errors

Once the project has been reviewed and the modifications to be made have been listed, we will proceed with them and then perform the error debugging.

The main goal is to make everything work perfectly. Special attention will be paid to minimize programming errors, all links or links will be tested, the correct functioning of all multimedia elements and the operation of forms, e-mail, search engines, etc. will be corroborated.

Publication Phase

Once the final design is approved, the final agreed files or formats are developed, which will be delivered to you or published as part of the project delivery.

At this stage, some details are also fine-tuned to ensure that the project is functional, optimized and thus achieve its goal.

After-sales service

You have a period of 30 days warranty, in which you can make the corrections that you deem necessary on the website (possible grammatical errors, broken links, etc.).

If you are not familiar with the WordPress platform we can perform the training sessions that are necessary for you to work smoothly when you want to modify your website.


With content we mean your brand, the texts of the website, such as the history of your company or technical information about your products, as well as images or videos of your company, products or services.

In the event that you already have a website, we will need access to your accommodation and website.

To assess your budget it is best to have all the contents in advance, or at least a content index.

Design vs. Structure

Design: colors, typography, sizes…

Structure: sections, layout, organization of information…

Our maxim is your satisfaction. We adapt your new website to your corporate identity and your market (competition, customers, type of product…), but if you are not satisfied you will be able to carry out all the design reviews you want, without limit and at no cost.

Changes made to the structure originally established will be budgeted in part.

Web design

In the case of website development, the initial design will be done on our server, when we have it ready we will proceed to provide you with the link to the website for you to visit, browse and comment on your impressions.

We design and model the pages that we set in the budget, but we give you the necessary tools so that you can add new pages, articles or posts on your website.

We will review the website in the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge browsers. For older versions we cannot guarantee that the page will look perfectly as the technology of those versions may have become obsolete.

For multi-language websites, you will need to provide translations of the content.


They add interactivity and usability to your website. With an attractive website and intuitive navigation we will be able to captivate the user.

Among the most common we can find:

  • Sliders and galleries of animated images.
  • Contact forms.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Seekers.
  • Virtual payment gateways.
  • Booking engine.


It is the content manager par excellence. One in three websites (globally!) is developed with this CMS(Content Management System).

If you want a demonstration do not hesitate to ask us on or +34 613 02 23 61.

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