What is WooCommerce: What it includes and what benefits it offers

WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that allows you to create online stores and virtual catalogs. One in four online stores uses it.

WooCommerce is the most widely used e-commerce system in the world, one in four online stores uses it. Today it is used by almost four million websites worldwide.

It is a WordPress plugin that can be used to create online stores and virtual catalogs. It was created in 2011 by WooThemes and is also open source like WordPress,this translates into tremendous flexibility. Many developers around the world contribute daily with continuous updates and improvements to this powerful plugin.

Thanks to all these contributions, we have the possibility to include new functionalities in our e-commerce through add-ons. Here are some examples:

  • Booking calendars.
  • eBooking.
  • Sale of digital products.
  • Request for quotations.
  • Shipping calculators.
  • Newsletter subscriptions.

You can find a lot of free and premium extensions on their website.

In short, extensions that will help you turn it into a powerful ERP (enterprise resource planner) and a thousand more utilities. It integrates perfectly within WordPress so you can manage your online store, website and blog from the same place.

What does WooCommerce include?

Everything you need to start selling online.

  • The storepage, where all existing products will be displayed.
  • My cart,to see the products that we add to the basket.
  • My account,from where you can view orders placed and change customer data, such as address or password.
  • Offline payment gateways, such as bank transfer or cashback, and PayPal.
  • A system to set up our country’s taxes.
  • A module to manage discount coupons.
  • And the shippingmodule, to customize the expenses according to the amount spent or the province.

From the admin panel of our website, we can find the following(if you don’t remember how to access check out this post):

  • Our products. They can be physical or digital. The number is unlimited, we can create as many as we want. The most basic information is the title, description, image and price, but we can add as many custom fields as we want.
  • The categories and tags that are used to organize them.
  • The attributes of the products, to be able to make them selectable, such as sizes, colors, flavors…
  • The control panel of our online store, with very powerful statistics to be able to control the performance of our online store. We can manage our orders and generate sales and customer reports easily.

What advantages does it offer?

  • Its ease of use.
  • Integration with existing websites or blogs.
  • The great customization offered by online stores thanks to the plugins and add-ons mentioned above.
  • It is unlimited,in terms of products, customers, payment methods, taxes… you can configure them as many as you want.

As you can have seen, WooCommerce is a powerful tool, very easy to use and ideal whether you already have a website or if you are thinking of making a newone. The combination of WordPress and WooCommerce is a successful recipe to open your horizons with a very low investment.

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